New Year, New You?!

Are you planning on setting a New Year’s resolution?

What will it be this year?

Cut down on the chocolate?

Exercise more?

Address that work-life (in)balance?

Be more organised?

Get on better with the in-laws?

Or like me, write a blog post every month?

Or something entirely different?!

Allow me to dig…

How many times have you set out at the beginning of a New Year with similar aspirations? How long has your resolve lasted?

A month?

Two weeks?

A week?

2 days?

24 hours?

Where does that leave your longing to for things to be different? If someone were to offer you the chance to make the change there and then would you take it? Yes?! How much more exhilerating would it feel like to face the challenge, persevere and then savour the sweet taste of success?

So what would make the difference? Why not consider a block of coaching sessions? It’s been shown that people who work with a personal performance coach are more likely to achieve their goals/aspirations/resolutions and much quicker than if they’d done it alone. Why’s that?

A coach will help you to:

  • define and refine your aspirations; helping you to set yourself realistic and achievable goals;
  • harness all you strengths, skills, talents and resources to achieve success;
  • demolish any barriers or hindrances;
  • ¬†measure and celebrate your success.

So are you going to make a choice to take a chance to make a change? Make 2017 the year!

Call me on 07534402608 and we can have a chat about how we take things forward!


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