What is it time for?

I had a teacher many moons ago, a cheery Scotsman no less, who instructed the class that when we saw the snowdrops blooming it was time to start revising for the up and coming ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels, as they were in those days. I must admit that I can’t remember now whether I took his advice or not, but I nonetheless remember his advice!

When I see the snowdrops are out I find myself asking again what is it time for? What do I need to start planning for now, today? More to the point what do I need to start doing that will position me for a brighter and better future?!

I guess the things that spring to mind are just like revision – things that I’d rather not do, things that require effort, but are things that in themselves are perhaps not inspiring but the result of which will bring us to a whole new world!

What is it that we want to achieve? Where do we want to get to? What’s important about that thing or place? These are the questions that will motivate us to start the doing  and keep going.

For me, it’s writing this blog! My goal is to increase my presence in the world out there; to reach potential clients both individuals and groups. Why is that important? Yes, to pay the bills, but even more so to satisfy my desire to make a difference, to help others find their way in life and to be pleasant company on the way.

So what does that mean to me today? It means I made myself sit down in front of the laptop and start to put my random thoughts onto ‘paper’. I’ve had to choose to do this and ignore the 101 other preferable things I’d rather do, or even not do the housework! How is that? When there’s something that you’d rather not do EVEN the housework can take precedence?! How do I feel now that I’m ‘penning’ the last few sentences? FABULOUS! Will next time be as difficult? Probably not!

My challenge to you is….


What is it time for?

What are you going to do today?

If not today, when?

Take that first step because after all the snowdrops are out!


3 thoughts on “What is it time for?

    1. Hi Jim, Of course it is ‘THE’ Sylvia Jones! The world can only cope with one of me! I have fond memories of our crossed paths. Thanks for stopping by & reading up on my new life outside of NHSland. Hopefully there’ll be another blog in a few days as March is now almost upon us. Yikes where do the days/weeks/months/years go?! Kind regards, Sylvia

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