Happy St David’s Day

Happy St David’s Day!

I thought my blog this month would be in honour of St David whose ‘day’ is 1st March. St David is the patron saint of Wales. My father-in-law is Welsh, making my husband half Welsh & my sons quarter Welsh. Though I know a lot about Wales, sadly I knew nothing about St David. I turned to the wonderful World Wide Web to help fill the blanks in my knowledge. How easy it is these days to find ‘information’!

I discovered that he was born in Wales, in fact he is the only UK patron saint to be born on these shores, all the other patron saints are adopted from other lands! I read that many miracles happened through him and the dove is often a symbol associated with him. Apparently he led a simple life refraining from meat and alcohol and lived to be more than a 100 years old.
In his last speech before his death he urged his followers to ‘do the little things’; a statement worthy of consideration within the coaching context……
Here are my thoughts about what ‘doing the little things’ might involve:
• Dream the big dreams & set the big goals but break it down into the little things. Some might describe these as the milestone goals, but I often find in coaching sessions that I talk about big goals and little goals where the little goals feed into the big goals.
• In terms of the actions required to get you moving towards your goal do you need to do some little things? Little things might be the easy things to do that will set you on your way giving a sense of achievement and increasing motivation for the bigger or more adventurous things.
• Employ the ‘KIS’ principle! Sorry folks only one ‘S’ there! Keep it simple. We can sometimes dream up all sorts of solutions whilst overlooking the obvious!
• ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ is an often quoted proverb relating to all things financial. Stephen Covey in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ introduced us to the concept of an ‘emotional bank balance’ as a metaphor for the amount of trust that’s been built up in a relationship. He lists six major ways of making a deposits into that bank account, one of which is ‘attending to the little things’. He goes on to say, ‘In relationships, the little things are the big things.’ What can you do today that will boost someone else’s bank account? What can you do today that will boost your own? For in doing so you are investing and preparing for a world out there that so often withdraws to the point of bankruptcy.
So take some advice from St David and ‘do the little things’ and enjoy St David’s Day!

Ps You might also want to take his other advice and lay off the alcohol!

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  1. Definitely inspired – well done you. I’m off ‘to do a little thing’ – putting the kettle on and then getting down to some busines planning……

    Following on from our conversation – there’s a tick box to sign up to the blog posts!

    It was great to catch up.


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