Follow George’s example?

Too many dragons?

I wonder….
are you under pressure?
are you feeling stressed?
are you feeling the heat?
Perhaps in honour of good old St George it’s time to slay a dragon or two, or three? But which one do you choose when you have more than one? Let me offer a few suggestions……
1. Choose the little ones….
St David is famed for urging his followers to do the small things. Another David – Sir Dave Brailsford pioneered a revolution in the British Cycling world by taking the Sky GB Olympic Cycling Team on a road to victory. His tactic was to encourage the team to make lots small changes to make a cumulative big difference. Small is beautiful! What are the small dragons, which together are bumping up the heat, but individually could be dealt with quickly and easily? Is it the layer of dust on the dressing table? Is it an email to that coaching contact? Is it the weeds showing up in the planter by the front door? The

The ugly one?

decision to be made about the next team meeting? Whatever it is, think about dealing with it!
2. Choose the ugly one…
Mark Twain encourages us that when we have more than one frog (dragon?) to contend with we’re best to look for the biggest and ugliest. That’ll be the one that we loath the most, fear the most or have watched grow the most. Imagine the sense of achievement when that one is lying at your feet! Which task have you procrastinated most about? Go for it, slay it today!
3. Choose the masquerading dragon….
Brian Tracy introduced the world to the KWINK model: Knowing What I Now Know. How many of us and how often do we find ourselves in situations and circumstances which at the outset looked wholesome and healthy to find that with time reality is something different? Tracy would argue that those are the things, people, or situations to pay attention to and ultimately to ditch. Make today the day that you rid yourself of the masquerading dragon!

Perhaps your dragon is a different kind? Whichever is in your mind what weapons and armoury will you use? Here’s a few to choose from…
COURAGE – courage isn’t about skills, intellect or experience; it’s a heart matter. If you believe in yourself and believe that you can slay a dragon, guess what? You’ll probably go on to slay a dragon!
HONESTY – someone has said that honesty is a liberating friend. Be truthful with yourself and the situation you find yourself in. Agree with yourself that NOW is the time to slay a dragon or two!
PEACE – ‘let quietness and trust be your strength’. Take time to find the place of peace because there you’ll find strength to face the challenges ahead.

When you’ve done the deed what will you do?
Mark the occasion! Celebrate! Allow it to be a defining moment. George was transformed from soldier to Saint by that one act! Walk tall!

Has this blog struck a chord? Do you need help to identify and deal with the dragon in your life or work? Coaching can empower and inspire you to do that. Allow me to play a part in your transformation from soldier to saint! Message or call me!

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