GROWing into the PLANS & PURPOSES of GOD

It was a delight to work with delegates at Refuel 18, a Christian camp/conference for all the family held in Fochabers, Morayshire Scotland, last month. Through the seminar we considered how we could GROW into the plans and purposes of God, ‘scooping up’ what God had said to us individually  through the week, giving space to explore the wonders and intricacies of what that was about and planning the next step with confidence and inspiration.

I promised to write a blog post to include the questions, so here goes!


What is is that God has said? What is He calling you into?
Think of a time in the future when you are doing or being what God is speaking to you about. Draw or write down the things that come to mind when you think of being there? When will you be there?
What will it be like?
What is good about that place?
What are you doing/saying/thinking?
Where are you now in terms of your goal out of 10?
What’s the first stage to getting to that place? Where will you be by mid September?


What have you got going for you to get you there?
What skills/resources do you have?
What skills/resources have you used when you’ve done similar things before?
How have you overcome obstacles in your path?
What is important about getting this first stage in the bag?
If I don’t do this I’ll be……….


What ideas do you have to get this in the bag?
What is God whispering/shouting?
What are you refusing to consider, ignoring or pushing away?
If you could have a 1:1 with any Refuel speaker what ideas would they give you?
The Bible is full of God telling people to do strange and wacky things to accomplish His plans and purposes, what wacky thing has sprung to your mind?
Look back at the resources you said you had in the previous section, how could you use those things?


Look over your list….
Which option is jumping out at you?
What is the Holy Spirit highlighting?
Which can you start or accomplish within 24hrs of getting home?
Underline the ones you are going to do & tease out any stages that might be involved in completing that.

Busting the barriers

Looking at your action plan, what might stop you carrying out those things?
How are you going to overcome that barrier?
What are the consequences of giving up/giving in?
What will the rewards be of following through?
In completing these actions where will you be out of 10 in pursuit of your big goal?
How will you celebrate?
How will you keep yourself accountable/make sure you do these things?

So there it is! These questions and the GROW model can be used for anything you are wanting to move forward with. Let me know how you get on, that’s another way of keeping yourself accountable!

If you’d like a copy of the worksheet we used during the seminar drop me an email requesting it & I’ll happily oblige!

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