Spring into something NEW?

We visited the Lake District last week, which gave lots of opportunity for getting out and about in the wonderful countryside and stunning scenery for which The lakes is famed.

I thought I’d share with you a few photos that I took while we were there of things which spoke to me. How about this one?






A few weeks ago nothing like this would be showing. The very least that could be seen would be a tight little bud on a twig. At a glance the image would have been one of deadness or dormancy. But look now! LIFE! It’s shrugged off the effects of winter!

What about you? Have you been through a wintertime experience that seemed to do nothing but cause die back and dormancy?

Take heart that might have been part of the plan!

Look what can happen in what seems a flash! Are you ready to break forth from the tight little bud that kept you cosy and protected?

Go for it! You never know springtime & sunshine might be waiting for you!

Take courage my friend! Burst out of things that have held you! Experience LIFE!

Coaching might just empower and encourage you to do just that! Just do it!

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