About Sylvia Jones


This is me! I’m Sylvia Jones. I live in the beautiful Scottish Borders. I’m passionate about people; I want to see people living life to the full, fulfilling their potential, overcoming barriers and achieving success.

I’ve been a Life Coach since 2013, though I realise that I developed many of the skills I now use long before this date!

My desire is to offer the best, so to that end I have undertaken the following training:

  • Certificate in Personal Coaching – The Coaching Academy
  • Diploma in Leadership Coaching – Scottish Borders Council
  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (MERIT) – The Coaching Academy recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

I’m currently studying for a further Diploma with The Coaching Academy on the Corporate and Executive Coaching Programme. Update as of May 2018, I did it and did it with a distinction!

Prior to my work as a Life Coach I gained over 20 years of working experience in various NHS Trusts as a speech and language therapist. During those years I:

  • worked with both children and adults from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds
  • worked collaboratively with other professions within health and social care settings.
  • planned and facilitated training workshops and events for both professional staff and carers.
  • helped people develop and use their strengths and skills whilst overcoming or embracing their difficulties.

What are my values that are at the heart of Borders and Beyond Coaching?

  • integrity
  • people matter
  • respect
  • dignity
  • honesty
  • confidentiality
  • the future is about hope and life
  • fun and laughter

Just for a bit of fun?

As part of my Corporate & Executive Diploma course I had to ask a number of people who knew me several questions to aid persona reflection. One of the questions was ‘If I were to write an article in a magazine what type of magazine would it be & what would the article be about?’ Here are the answers I was given, read them & you might find out a thing or two about me (or not!)


Creative/Women’s Life Story/Outdoors/Christian Publication/Big Issue


  1. Encouraging people to try new things or new pathways in life
  2. Family camping
  3. Meals on a budget
  4. Testimony of someone you’d helped through a difficult period in their life
  5. An article about ‘Seed Stones’
  6. Effects of poverty in a Third World Country & how we could help
  7. Use of coaching in the church
What would people say about you if you asked them the same question? Go on give it a try; it’s a fascinating exercise!