Christian Coaching

Do you want your Christian life and experience to be different?

Do you want to make progress on any  ‘life coaching topics’ with someone who shares your Christian beliefs or tradition?

Do you wrestle with the interface between the sacred and secular in your day to day life?

Coaching sits very comfortably with my Christian beliefs. Take a look at my blog post ‘Psalm 23 for Coaches’.

  • I believe that God is a God of the past, the present and the future. He has our future in mind and wants to bless and provide for us. He knows where we are now and where we have been.
  • God equips us for our life’s journey, travels with us and calls people to walk alongside us.
  • God is mindful of the barriers, both the internal and external ones, that prevent us from moving forward. In God we can find courage to face and conquer those giants!
  • God celebrates our successes with us. He’s our cheer leader and the one giving the medals at the end!

If you’re reading this and don’t share my beliefs, be assured that my beliefs will not impinge on your coaching sessions with me. Remember that coaching sessions are all about you and what you bring to the sessions. I ask the questions and bring the structure, if you ask or give your permission for the questions and structure to include things about faith and spiritual matters then I will include them, but won’t if you don’t!

What others have said about Christian Coaching with Borders and Beyond Coaching

‘We were a group of 2 pastors and 6 deacons on an away day to give us the opportunity to find out what our vision was for the future and plan the practicalities to make the vision happen. We used small group discussion, art work etc and fed our thoughts back. The impact on our decision making and planning was impressive and we were able to go from a ‘blank page’ to a structured plan agreed by everyone. It was serious, but great fun. It was challenging but enjoyable.’ EA Hawick Baptist Church

‘I think what helped most was that I was not being judged by my comments or thoughts, but felt free to share honestly and openly. It has helped me address some issues which I hope to continue to address and keep up some continual appraisal of my timetable and priorities.‘ Pastor

‘Your talk identified and addressed an area of passivity in my life. It also confirmed that something else I am having to deal with has to be worked at constantly to truly establish victory.’

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