Leadership Coaching

Do you as a leader find it lonesome at the top?

Do you miss being able to explore ideas in a safe confidential environment?

Do you have anyone interested in you?

Do you long to ‘develop’ you?

Do you feel that there must be more to this ‘leading’ thing?

Do you aspire to be better or aspire to more?

Coaching can help with these issues. Leadership does not need to be lonesome! Leadership does not need to be tiresome!

Give me the privilege of journeying with you! Let’s find some fun in the journey! As in every coaching session you the client would bring the topic, I would bring the structure by way of questions and tasks to bring understanding and clarity to you and your situation.

Coaching sessions could be about any of the following:

  • leadership styles
  • skills and strengths of you as a leader
  • conflict resolution
  • dealing with team dynamics
  • goals, mission or vision
  • time management and prioritisation
  • creating an enriching environment for innovation and initiative
  • tapping into potential
  • dealing with interference
  • values and beliefs
  • planning for growth
  • dealing with setbacks and celebrating successes.

What others say about Leadership Coaching with Borders and Beyond Coaching

‘I am now more focussed and assertive allowing me to be in control of situations both at home and at work.’ PC Support Service Manager

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