Team/Group Coaching

Do you want you and your team to:

  • improve what you do?
  • initiate change or service development?
  • value and affirm each other’s contribution, skills and strengths?
  • improve communication?
  • evaluate the past and present to plan for the future?
  • explore what motivates and de-motivates them?
  • develop a strategy that will move things forward?
  • overcome barriers?
  • celebrate their successes?

Team/group coaching can be the vehicle to achieve these things!

What others have said about Team/Group Coaching with Borders and Beyond Coaching

‘Gave people the opportunity and safety to stop, look at and explore their work life under a microscope. The biggest thing was taking the time to appreciate myself as an individual and also my colleagues. It was what happened afterwards that was the real magic! It gave people the mentality of ‘We’re all in it together.’ and prepared them for the difficult times ahead. P Collinson Streets Ahead

‘Sylvia’s talk on taking responsibility for your own future and giving some key insights on how to do this were an absolutely brilliant way to end the last session of a Job Club I run in a local church. Some pertinent questions for each individual to answer, group participation and the practice of encouraging others really fired up the job club members giving them fresh hope for the future with very practical guidelines of actually making it happen. Thank you Sylvia.‘ P Aitchison

‘We were a group of 2 pastors and 6 deacons on an away day to give us the opportunity to find out what our vision was for the future and plan the practicalities to make the vision happen. We used small group discussion, art work etc and fed our thoughts back. The impact on our decision making and planning was impressive and we were able to go from a ‘blank page’ to a structured plan agreed by everyone. It was serious, but great fun. It was challenging but enjoyable.’ EA Hawick Baptist Church

Interested? Team/group coaching might involve individual sessions and/or group sessions. Contact me to discuss your situation and requirements! I have a wealth of experience in delivering team/group sessions and workshops. They are always fun, inspiring and motivating, and generally include just a little bit of creativity!

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