What is Coaching?

What happens in a coaching session?

Think of coaching as a series of structured conversations. The client selects the topic and brings their expertise about their situation; the coach provides the structure. The model which will be used in most cases will be GROW model : Goal, Reality, Options and Way forward. The coach will use a variety of questions and other tools to:

  • enable the client to define or refine their goal. Goals might be about where they want to be, who they want to be, what they’d like to do or have (Goal)
  • explore their current situation including strengths, skills, resources, or barriers (Reality)
  • help the client gain new perspectives of their situation so that new or novel opportunities can be realised (Options)
  • establish the best way forward.

Where will coaching sessions happen?

Face to face individual sessions can be arranged at various locations within the Scottish Borders or Skype/telephone sessions for people living further afield.

Team/group coaching usually occurs wherever the team is located either in the Borders or beyond.

How long will a coaching session last?

Most individual coaching sessions last about an hour. Group or team coaching sessions might be part of series of sessions which might comprise of individual and/or group sessions.

How many sessions are required?

Most people opt for a block of 4-6 sessions. This gives both the coach and client opportunity to get to know each other and establish rapport. During this time the client will have set goals and made progress towards achieving those aspirations. Further sessions can be arranged after the initial block. For every client a detailed Coaching Agreement will be drawn up detailing the agreed arrangements for the coaching sessions.

Team or group coaching sessions will be agreed depending on the initial discussions.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on:

  • how many sessions are booked (the more sessions booked the cheaper they will be!)
  • whether sessions are pre-paid (Pay in advance and get a discount!)
  • whether there are other costs involved such as travel or room hire.
  • individual circumstances. Need coaching, then lets find a way of meeting that need!

What’s stopping you?

Fear is the greatest enemy to progress. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Type that email or pick up the phone – 07534402608

If not now, then when?