What others say


‘Helped me clarify and focus my decision-making with respect to my goals at this time. (I came) to recognise and accept that I am not able to attend to all the parts of my life and their associated goals as often as I would like. The time scale had to be changed to make it realistic.’ 60+ lady, Scottish Borders.

‘Coaching gave me the confidence and motivation to look seriously at how I was organising my time. Realising that if I took it seriously I could change.’ Elizabeth Allan ‘-a 70+ year old who was becoming over tired with voluntary work and needed help to re-assess & rearrange her life-style.’

‘(Coaching) helped me to kickstart a stalled project. (The most important learning point was) that even small steps are worth taking towards a long-term goal. The steady probing of the coach helped me to see things within that I may not otherwise have discovered.’ Steven T, budding writer, Berwickshire

‘The coaching sessions with Sylvia enabled me to do some focussed thinking about specific areas of my life that  needed some attention! It provided me with some clear actions that I could take that really made a difference and ultimately which enabled me to achieve some goals quicker than I would otherwise have done.  I was particularly helped by the work on some of my limiting beliefs. Being helped to recognise, and challenging my own limiting beliefs; and then how to turn a limiting belief into a positive one.’ Ros Durrant, Gloucestershire.

‘Coaching gave me space to explore challenging situations..  By asking some very pertinent questions Sylvia has helped me work out what’s really at stake  and find new perspective.  You find out you have the solutions yourself which is very empowering. Sylvia has a bank of incredible questions to get to the root.’ Dee MacLean, Scottish Borders.

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